Saints' Rest was constructed in 1856 and burned, December 9, 1876. Michigan State University Campus Archaeology excavated this site in 2005

Quote from Dr. R. C. Kedzie

  • "This Boarding hall was a three-story brick structure, having a parlor, living rooms for the steward, his family and the kitchen help, and a large dining room in which all the students and some of the faculty live 'in commons.' Appliances for cooking with steam were introduced. The rooms in the second and third stories were assigned to the students, four in a room, but only a few students could be accommodated and there was no opportunity for an overflow into farm houses in the neighborhood. The condition of the road between Lansing and the College made it impossible for students to live in the city while they attended classes at the College, hence many students were rejected for want of room, who returned home to spread discouraging reports about the College. "[1]

Past Excavations:

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