The Armory was built in 1885. Then demolished in 1939 in order to make room for the Music Building.

"In 1885 a low, broad building was built by Fuller & Wheeler, of Lansing, for military drill and to serve also as a gymnasium and for lectures. There was considerable difference of opinion as to where it should be located; finally it was left to a member of the State Board, by the name of E.W. Rising, who drove the stake for the present location."

"The armory was ready for use in 1886, and pronounced in all reports satisfactory for military purposes, by Lieutenant J.A. Lockwood, the first professor of military sciences and tactics assigned to the college by the United States. The tar and gravel gace forth a disagreeable odor, and when used by mixed audiences for lectures, orations, commencements, etc., dresses were often badly soiled. After a few years an excellent maple floor was a great improvement for all purposes." [1][2]
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