[1] "This Hall, named for President Abbot, was designed by the late William Appleyard, of Lansing. It was built in 1888 by Cleveland &Ward, of Flint, and dedicated, with appropriate ceremonies, by Oscar Clute, later president of the College, on August 11, at the time of the commencementnd reunions a of the alumni."

"The building is two stories high, of modified colonial style, the walls made of red brick. It is located not far from the armory and the residence once occupied by president Abbot, during recent years by Dr. Beal, until the autumn of 1910, and later, by Dr. E. A. Bessey. The shape is that of a parallelogram, extending north and south, with an extension on the west side, for kitchen and dining broom."
"The Halls was occupied for three years by a young women at the opening of the Division of Home Economics in September, 1896" [2]
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