Dairy Barn 1894 - ?

"In 1894, Professor Shaw said :
'The institution is fortunate in being possessed of a comparatively new and commodious dairy barn of which the main part is 44x72 feet and the annex, 40x75 feet. The height of the main posts is 22 feet, while those of the annex are 18 feet. The ground floor is so constructed as to provide stalls for about fifty head of milch cows and heifers, also fourteen box stalls for calves and calving cows, and three pens for bulls, as well. A variety of stall fixtures are in use, the object being to examine into the relative merits of each. Probably one of the most commendable features of the structure is the efficient system of ventilation used, by which the impure air is removed and the fresh cold air admitted without coming in contact with the animals before being tempered by the warm air near the ceiling." [1][2]
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